MMI PVT LTD becomes part of the BLEND Plant Italy family

MMI (Pvt) Ltd is a private limited company registered in Zimbabwe.

As of July 2020 MMI (Pvt) Ltd, is proud to join the family of BLEND Plants Italy (new generation dry concrete mixing plants and associated products) to partner with them in Zimbabwe in the marketing and sales of their revolutionary mixing plants.

BLEND’s E-Series mobile dry concrete mixing plants which also work with cold asphalt, A-Series high output stationary mixing plants, horizontal silos for storage and cement bag breakers, will be beneficial to all MMI’s customers.

Construction customers, civil and road contractors, ready-mix suppliers, and micro-distribution customers (domestic and minor building contractors) can take advantage of these on-site batching plants.  From one to three aggregates on the mobile units (E-Series) to a maximum of four aggregates on the ground units (A-Series), MMI’s BLEND Plant solutions can cater for a wide choice of applications whether it be stabilization cement, bridge mix, laboratory specified mix, colour cement, backfill, cold asphalt or standard concrete.

All BLEND plants are controlled by the operator and exact the precise requirements of the customer with a guaranteed tolerance of 1.5% with the assistance of the ribbon mixer.  Additionally, all BLEND Plants units are fitted with an ‘admixture’ unit for a specified mixing pending the site/application requirements. BLEND Plants has even developed off-road mobile units for rural areas where timing and accessibility to sites become critical for the completion of your project. Specializing in dry mix solutions changes production planning and applies cost savings in excess materials due to the precision BLEND Plants can give the customer. 

Mobile Mixing Plants are a new way of thinking concrete.  The internal structure of the unit keeps the raw (dry) materials in separate compartments until they are required.  At this point the batch of concrete is mixed.  The mix can be any volume or recipe as required by the customer.  The unit can be fitted to different trucks or railcars or be utilised in a stationary position.

Cold Asphalt is produced utilizing the same mobile mixing plants as the concrete.  The enormous benefit of the cold asphalt is the recycling of the old bitumen material, which is lifted from the road, milled, and placed in the mobile mixing plant to be mixed and re-laid for a new road.  Compacting the cold asphalt binds helps create a road surface as strong as the traditional hot asphalt without the inherent dangers when working with a hot product.

High output plants are the mobile mixing plants on a far larger scale, with the individual dry materials loaded into separate areas until the product is required, at which point the product is mixed and dispensed. As such, they work in a stationary position with the trucks coming for refilling as required. The benefit of these larger plants is that they can be self-loaded onto a low bed with no craneage required.

Horizontal silos are the perfect complement for the mixing plants.  They are versatile manageable and mobile.  As they do not require foundations, no authorization is required for installation.

Much of the Zimbabwe government’s rebuilding of infrastructure is an ideal fit for the equipment supplied by BLEND Plants, particularly, at present the Beitbridge to Harare road.  This will enable customers to work multiple areas of the road with one unit while having storage silos at a fixed base.

Blend Plants Zimbabwe will benefit from the experience and the MMI (Pvt) Ltd team’s knowledge of automotive, equipment and customers service in the Zimbabwe market.

Should you have more questions about MMI or BLEND Plants, please contact us.

Source: MMI / Blend