Dry Mix or Wet Mix Plants for Concrete and Cement.

Dry mix or wet mix plants are now serious options when construction needs concrete and cement applications. The traditional method for mobile concrete mixing and transportation units for a job site is to use a continuously rotating barrel/cylinder on the rear of the unit (truck or off-road equipment, depending on the size required and application). The aggregates (materials such as cement, sand, stone and water) are then put into the barrel and mixed (barrel rotation) to produce the end product (concrete).

However, once the product has been mixed it has to be used as soon as possible, as the longer it stays in the barrel, the harder the mix will become and eventually will be unusable. The possibility of mixing more than necessary is always a concern when building, as there is generally much waste which affects both production planning, as well as the budget.

Innovative Dry Mix Batching Plants

BLEND Plants has completely redesigned this method with their advanced equipment:

  1. The aggregates, cement and water, are stored in separate compartments, which are either loaded at the site, or pre-loaded to serve a number of sites.
  2. Once the operator has been advised on the percentages to be included in the mix, these figures (including the amount to be mixed), are inserted into an onboard computer and the mobile unit then produces the exact amount required by the customer.
  3. Essentially, this process negates the method of first mixing – and then carry to the building site later.
  4. The waste factor is also minimised, as the aggregates can be stored overnight, even if all the material has not been used previously.
Blend E-series Mobile Batching plants

BLEND Plants mobile batching solutions (E-Series) This equipment can produce from 0-70 m³/h depending on the mix design required.

The large production plants (A-Series) has options to hold either two, three or four aggregates and produce up to 120 m³/hour.

Horizontal silo or Portable silo Zimbabwe
Blend Horizontal silos

For cement storage solutions, BLEND Plants’ S-Series provide the option of four different horizontal silos with holding capacities between 16 m³ and 42 m³.

Both, the large production units and the silos, can be fitted with piston legs, which means they can be transported on a flatbed trailer and moved with ease between locations, without requiring the use of a crane.

The table below illustrates the differences between a traditional unit, that much of the market uses today, and the mixed-on-site unit, that BLEND Plants offer as an alternative for your business.




Concrete certification

Concrete distribution

Self- levelling concrete

Lightweight concrete


Fibre-reinforced concrete

Cement floor


Regeneration of milling with emulsion


Use of recycled demolition


Land stabilisation


Aggregate transport


Salt spreader


Load plant independence


Eliminate waste on site


Flexibility of loading schedules


Unlimited transport time


Modular download speed


BLEND Plants offer a precise measurement of concrete with a specific mixture according to the requirements of the application, across a variety of end products such as:

  • stabilisation cement,
  • bridge mix,
  • laboratory specified mix,
  • coloured cement,
  • backfill,
  • cold asphalt or
  • standard concrete.

MMI Zimbabwe has a range of BLEND mobile batching plants suitable for a variety of applications. Their solutions cater for a wide choice of applications. Contact Blend Plants for more information on your specific needs.