This innovative machinery provides a revolutionary way to mix and delivery concretes, cementitious mixtures, mortars following the international UNI EN 206-1 technical standard.

As the elements (aggregates, cement, water and admixtures) contained in the ready-mix plant are held in separate compartments they are easily handled.  Due to the materials being separated until required the trucks can be loaded well before they are required and a delay in usage will not affect the final product.

With the mobility of the continuous ready-mix plant, the unit is readily available near the appropriate area of the job site and can easily be moved between job sites. 

On the job site, as much or as little of the required concrete type can be produced per batch.  This reduces wastage and costs on small sites where a traditional mixer truck can only deliver 1 large batch of a particular concrete type.

High accuracy of concrete output is achieved due to the onboard computer controlling the dosage and mixing process.  This process is continually monitored by electronic sensors providing feedback to the onboard computer.  The dosage accuracy is approximately 1.5%.

The onsite production of fresh concrete produces a better-quality product (by over 25%) due to the lack of deterioration caused by transport, stops and climate factors in a traditional mixer truck.  This reduces the costs of cement and admixtures.

Using speed control to carry out micro-dosing and the continuous mixing of rough materials wear and tear is reduced as is fuel consumption.

The ready-mix plant is easy to load and with optimized loading, the turnaround can be as little as 3 to 4 minutes.

  • Aggregates are loaded utilizing a wheel loader, backhoe loader or an excavator.
  • Cement loading is via silos with a screw or pneumatic chargers.
  • Water pump or tanker is the easiest manner to fill the water tank.

The ready-mix plant works at an adjustable speed between 5 to 60 cubic meters per hour.  The E-Series can deliver 2.5 cubic meters more than a traditional transfer mixer truck and assists the customer in conserving water, as only 30 to 50 liters of water are required to clean the plant.  This volume of water would be utilised to only clean the chutes of a traditional mixer truck.